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A trusting therapeutic relationship can be the catalyst for lasting change. By deeply and empathically listening to you, I will provide the highest quality treatment that is both compassionate and challenging. Our work together may not be easy, but it will be intellectually stimulating and emotionally fulfilling.


As an eclectic practitioner, I am able to draw on the latest and soundest treatment modalities consistent with your personal preferences. From CBT and DBT to Solution-Focused Therapy and Motivational Interviewing, evidence-based practices will provide an essential underpinning for our work. I am also a trained life coach and hypnotherapist and am happy to discuss bringing these techniques into our sessions. You can read more about my life coaching orientation by visiting


As we begin working together, you will quickly see that I am not tethered to one ideology or approach, but rather listen to you closely and without judgment to see how you feel we should proceed. I believe, fundamentally, that you are the expert on you, and it is your personal strengths, life experience and wisdom that will guide our work together.  




  • Individual Therapy 

    • Anxiety

    • Depression

    • Academic/professional achievement

    • Relationships (Romantic, Parent/Child, Dating, etc.)

    • Addiction & Substance Abuse

    • Guilt & Shame

    • Creativity & Work

    • Self-esteem & Social Pressure

    • Trauma & PTSD

    • Adoption

    • Infertility & Loss

  • Couples Therapy

    • Intimacy & Trust

    • Communication

    • Infidelity

    • Sex

    • Parenting

    • Money


  • Family Therapy

    • Children acting out/ parenting

    • Divorce

    • Remarriage

    • Communication/ boundaries

    • Expression of anger/ resentment

    • Stages of life (adolescence, young adulthood, becoming parents, aging parents, etc.)


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